Remedial Exercise and Movement Therapy

Resolute Remedial exercise therapy is an exercise based system that utilises our many skill sets and combines them with our 30 years of experience in training people.

“We don’t think outside of the box, we just got rid of the box”   

To assist our clients to regain and retain their well-being we use methods such as;

  • neural re-patterning,
  • fascial training, functional movement and
  • myofascial treatment

We aim to return the body to neutral in order to then progress our clients on towards their goals.

We cater for low to moderate risk rehabilitation clients through to athletic development and human performance.

Call “Sam” at reception on 07 46 42 0939 to make a booking with Chris.

“The human body is an amazing combination of many systems. When these systems are in harmony it all functions extremely well. When there is disharmony, there is always a form of pain or discomfort that will present itself in some way. I aim to train the whole person, not just what I see on the surface. That is when we (the client trainer/team) get the best results.”

 – Chris Clayton