Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (KMI)

“Return the Body to its neutral and it will heal itself” – Ida Rolf

How Structural Integration  (SI) can assist you

KMI Structural Integration is a strategised wholistic approach to manual body work, it is strongly based in science and anatomy and its intent is to treat the whole person. KMI SI was created and developed by Thomas Myers author of the best selling anatomy book “Anatomy Trains” now into its 3rd edition.

The goals of KMI Structural Integration  are;

  • Improve the body’s access to sensory and motor information and stimulus
  • Skeletal alignment and support
  • Reduced effort in standing and movement
  • To enhance range of motion and the bodies generosity in movement
  • Reduce pain
  • To create length -In trunk and limbs and across joints
  • To balance the myofascial tissues around the skeletal structure
  • Improve the body’s overall resilience

KMI structural integration and series work is not about chasing pain, it is about restoring balance and a sense of connection to areas of held tissue, or regions of sensory motor amnesia  that may over time eventually led to a pain pattern. read more…

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